Accurate Tuner Pro – the highest rated pitch tuner gets better

Accurate Tuner Pro for Windows Phone demoed on Samsung Focus Flash/Omnia W

There are two main groups of electronic pitch tuners: needle and stroboscopic.

Needle tuners are simple and handy – the needle shows the difference of the real tone from the ideal one. The downside is lower accuracy and slower operation. They are driven by the Fast Fourier Transformation algorithm, which analyses sound samples and detects the frequency. Strobe tuners are much simpler – they are basically primitive oscilloscopes. They just visualize the sound wave some special way, which enables direct visual comparison to some target model frequency. Their advantages are unrivaled precision and speed, while their main disadvantage is uncomfortable complexity, that basically limits their usage to studio musicians, piano tuners etc.

Accurate Tuner for Windows Phone unites both these methods in an organic way, that combines their strengths and eliminates their weaknesses.

Accurate Tuner Beta is in the Marketplace for six months and it is the highest rated pitch tuner with average rating 4.67.

Much improved Accurate Tuner Pro was just released! Free Trial with no time limit

  • Precision: better than 1 cent
  • Range: A0 – B6
  • Transposition: +/- 4 octaves
  • 126 instruments + Any instrument mode
  • Adjustable sensitivity
  • US (CDEFGAB), German (CDEFGAH), scientific (C2, C3, C4) and Helmholtz (C, c, c’) notations


”AccuratePaid version

  • Advanced Tone Generator
  • Screen Lock Blocking
  • Many alternative tunings, including 70 guitar, 25 banjo and 19 mandolin tunings
  • Unlimited number of custom instruments and tunings
  • Adjustable base frequency (note A4) in the range of 300 – 500 Hz
  • 32 temperaments
  • No ads
  • Bigger stroboscopic part
  • Price: $2.49