A quarter of desktop searches are now on Bing in the USA

by Surur
August 16, 2019

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Like Chandler, Microsoft’s Bing has long been the butt of many jokes, but the little search engine that could have just kept steaming along, being profitable since 2016.

Recently the search engine crossed a new milestone, with more than a quarter (25.2%) of all desktop searches being made via the operating system in the USA in June 2019, according to Comscore’s figures.

That number is up from 24.1% in June 2018,  from 21.4% in February 2016 and 20.3% in June 2015.

Clearly, Microsoft is not growing market share very rapidly, but there also does not appear to be any reason to give up either.

Comscore’s numbers exclude searches made via non-Microsoft properties like Yahoo, so is a fairer reflection of user intent. Of course, many Bing searches are simply the result of locked-down corporate computers and home users who never change their default, so it remains to be seen of 1/4 of users really love Bing as much as the rest love Google.

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