A new WP8 app for cyclists: CycloMeter

RunningOnionskinThere’s a new WP8 app out for the cycling crowd: CycloMeter. The feature set is similar to what you’ll find with the likes of Endomondo and Runtastic, except it’s designed to be easier to use, contains a couple pro features not found on the other apps, and is free!

So what are the differentiators? The biggest is CycloMeter’s ability to keep a full record of your previous rides (meaning a record of your second-by-second GPS coordinates during the ride), and then allowing you to play back those records, effectively creating a race against your previous time. CycloMeter is also smart about automatically choosing previous records for you based on your starting location, as well as grouping similar rides, so that the setup for a race run is literally one button press.

CycloMeter runs just fine with the screen off, and includes the option to read out vital ride statistics on a regular basis. In beta testing, this is a feature cyclists found most useful as it allowed them to turn off the phone and put it in their pocket while still being informed as to their progress.

Naturally, all the standard features you’d expect to find for apps like this are there: a 3D map, readouts of your current, top, and average speeds, calorie counter, distance travelled, and the total time spent in the ride, as well as time spent actually moving. (Very convenient for keeping your average speed from dropping every time you stop at those pesky traffic lights.)

But that’s not all. An additional, premium (paid) feature of CycloMeter is the ability to upload your rides to Strava.com! Simply enter your login credentials into CycloMeter, and with one checkbox it will upload your ride record straight to Strava. That’s functionality currently not found on any other Windows Phone app!


Note that CycloMeter doesn’t have to be limited to cyclists. The feature set is equally applicable to runners, hikers, and even drivers.

Lots of additional features are on their way, such as integration with MapMyFitness, and others. The developers are very responsive to feedback, so give it a shot and tell them what you think!

The app can be found on the Windows Phone 8 app store here, or by scanning the QR code right.