Be it PC industry or mobile, to manufacturers innovative design nowadays means a dual-screen device with a hinge joining the two displays. And it pretty much stayed like that for a while. You either fold it inward or the opposite, there’s no other way. Until now.

Designed by Compal Electronics, DuoFlip is a laptop that opens in two ways. You can open it the same way you open any laptop, and the other way is what will excite you, DuoFlip has a hinge on the side, enabling you to literally transform the laptop into a book. Now you know why the laptop is called “DuoFlip.”

However, the laptop looks bizarre, and I have a feeling that you wouldn’t want to open this laptop like a book. Besides that, it doesn’t offer anything new, what it wants to do can be achieved without looking awkward. Surface Book, HP Spectre x360 are glorious examples.

Featuring a 13.3-inch display, the laptop has all the potential to create a great hype amongst creative professionals, especially artists, assuming it packs decent hardware.

The DuoFlip laptop is said to be launched in this year. But well before its launch, the laptop added a feather in its cap by winning iF Design Award for the year 2019. Check out the below gallery below to have a detailed look.

Source: YD