A new app, Farlight, brings a captivating drawing experience to your Windows Phone


25, 2013

Author Nisha // in Apps, News



The makers of Intellicam bring you Farlight. Farlight is the app if you are looking for a mesmerizing and relaxing drawing experience. The app lets users apply touch to paint and with just a few strokes create stunning animated abstract art. In Farlight you paint onto a moving canvas that produces a layered animation with glow and spray-paint effects. You can use multiple fingers at the same time. Each new touch brings a new layer on which to paint. Older layers recede into the background; they become darker, adding depth to the image.

The app is available for 0.99 USD in the US and is priced accordingly in other regions. The app is available on the Windows Phone Store and Windows 8 Store, and also on the Apple App Store and Google Play Market.

Find the Windows Phone 8 app in the Windows Phone Store here.

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