A demo of Samsung Galaxy Note 10’s Dex on Windows 10 (video)


10, 2019

Samsung Dex is Samsung’s desktop environment for its high-end smartphones which lets you connect a screen to your phone and pretend you have a proper PC.

Unfortunately very few of us have random screens lying around, with most of our screens connected to your laptops and desktops already.

With the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Samsung has updated Dex so the session could be hosted on Windows 10 or MacOS inside a window, with the user effectively Remote Desktop-ing into their phone.

Today YouTuber Rydah posted a video showing the system in action, using Samsung’s leaked Windows app and USB driver.

YouTube player

The video shows performance is very credible, and the connection fast and simple, leaving the phone otherwise available for other activities, suggesting that the feature may be very useful if you want to avoid accessing websites on your PC for example or accessing apps which are not available on your desktop such as WhatsApp.

What do our readers think of this feature? Let us know below.

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