A closer look at the mystery Fujitsu WP7 handset

Update: We have been asked by Microsoft to remove the images.

The screen captures above are from the WPC 11 demo of 4 new Windows Phone 7 Mango handsets.

While we never have a clear look at the waterproof Fujitsu’s front fascia, like the other handsets it does not appear to have a front facing camera. It appears to be relatively slim, with a camera protrusion which promises better than average pictures.  The handset has a glossy shell and has a charging port on top, much like the Samsung Omnia 7, but with a port that flips open on a hinge.

The buttons are reminiscent of the HTC Touch Diamond 2 and appear to be physical rather than capacitive.

The screen appears relatively small, possible between 3.8-4 inches, and from the black levels appear to be LCD rather than AMOLED.

Microsoft did not talk about the distribution of the handset, but like the other devices announced said they would be coming in “the fall”.