A Brief Glimpse At Satya “Nutella” Nadella, Possibly Microsoft’s Next CEO



This is the first part in a series of 5 posts, in which we will take a very brief look at each of the potential candidates for Microsoft’s next CEO.  This will not be an analysis if the individual is the right person for the job, but just some background information and career highlights.  Each of the candidates go through a very thorough vetting process by the board, below is a brief glimpse at some of the information they may be looking at.

Satya Nadella is the only Indian and youngest candidate in the running for the next CEO at Microsoft.  He has a reputation for driving people to work hard and demands excellence.  Outside of work, he is said to be a sweet and charming individual, which has earned him the nickname Satya “Nutella” due to his chocolate brown skin color.  Some observers have also mentioned a transformation in Nadella’s image, similar to that of J Allard, following the departure of Bill Gates and Bob Muglia.  Nadella is in better physical shape compared to 2009, wears sharper suits, and now keeps a shaven head.  Important to also note that Nadella is one of two candidates that worked directly with Bill Gates which may help his chances of becoming CEO (the other being Kevin Turner).


  • 1969
  • Age: ~44
  • Youngest candidate for CEO
  • Place of Birth: Hyderabad, India


  • Hyderabad Public School
  • Manipal Institute of Technology – BS Electronic Engineering in Electronics and Communication
  • University of Chicago – MBA
  • University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee – Masters in Computer Science
  • Speaks Telugu and Hindi in addition to English


  • Started off at Sun Microsystems
  • Joined Microsoft in 1992
    • Senior vice president of R&D for the Online Services Division
    • Vice president of the Microsoft Business Division
    • President of Server and Tools Business
    • Was picked by Ballmer after Bob Muglia was fired
    • Credited with leading transition to the cloud at a rapid pace
    • Currently Executive Vice President of Cloud and Enterprise
    • Reports directly to Ballmer

nadella wife

(Anu Nadella)

Personal Life

  • He is married
  • His wife, Anupama V Nadella, also attended Hyderabad Public School
  • His parents (and his wife’s parents) live in Hyderabad, he visits India at least once a year to see them
  • Big cricket fan, keeps track of VVS Laxman who is from Hyderabad
  • I believe he has two daughters and a son (could be wrong about this)
  • Lives in Bellevue currently
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