8list for craigslist now supports posting and managing ads

December 24, 2014
8list for craigslist app

8list for craigslist app8list for craigslist has just been updated, adding the ability to post ads to craigslist (with your account or anonymously) and to manage ads posted under your account.

Note: andrewbares is the developer of 8list. This is a press release, not a WMPoweruser endorsed story.

8list was the first officially licensed craigslist app for Windows Phone, and it still provides the best browsing experience to date. No other app on Windows Phone lets you search with all the search options that the website provides. For example, when searching for cars, you can filter by odometer, paint color, transmission, and more.

This is also the only app that lets you write notes on posts, and keep multiple favorites list of posts. 8list will also remember which posts you’ve seen and read, allow you to hide posts, and more.

Editing a post in 8list for craigslist

The most recent update adds the ability to post ads and to manage your posts, making 8list a fully featured craigslist client. You can create a post anonymously (which no other app can do), or you can post through your craigslist account. Once logged into your account, you can view all your posts and drafts, and renew, repost, and delete your posts.

When creating or editing a post, all options are available including selecting your location on the map, and of course, uploading images. Since the website doesn’t work with the web browser on Windows Phone, the only option for uploading images from your phone is via an app like 8list!

Editing images in 8list for craigslist8list has some features for free, but the free version is limited to…

  • publishing one post (so you can see it works)
  • 10 favorites
  • 10 hidden posts
  • 10 notes
  • 1 search alert
  • 2 pinned posts


QRCodeThe full version only costs $0.99 (via in-app purchase) and helps pay for the licensing costs that I (the developer) have to pay. I actually lost money last year on this app due to the licensing fee, but I’m continuing to support the app and pay the licensing so that everyone can have a quality craigslist app.

Download 8list for craigslist in the Store today.

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