500GB Xbox Series X|S expansion card spotted in the wild

October 4, 2021
Xbox Series X|S Expansion Cards Banner

After a recent report claimed that a 500GB expansion card for Xbox Series X|S consoles was in the works, new promotional materials have shown that the expansion card is very much real. 

Discovered by Windows Central’s Jez Corden, Seagate will reportedly begin promoting their new 512GB Xbox Series X|S Storage Expansion Card from “as early as next week,” as promotional materials are popping up across the US’ retailers. 

Manufactured by Seagate, the remarkably expensive officially licenced expansion card uses a lightning-fast SSD that can keep up with the Xbox Series X|S’ internals, allowing you to play games directly off the expanded storage. 

Thanks to just how quick the Xbox Series X|S consoles are, a regular hard drive, or even SSD, won’t quite cut the mustard when it comes to running games, as they can only be used for backwards compatible titles or merely storing your games until you move them onto the consoles SSD.

While Seagate’s drives can keep up, they do come with a tremendous cost, as it’s believed that the new 512GB SSD will cost somewhere between €149 to €169 which is around £130, according to Xbox Squad. The currently released 1TB expansion card currently costs £220 for comparison.

Xbox Series X|S Expansion Cards
Image Credit; Windows Central

Microsoft nor Seagate has officially announced these 500GB expansion cards just yet, but we’ll likely hear more about them soon, as Windows Central believes that they’ll be out in time for this holiday period. 

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