More than 50% of gamers are now running Windows 10

April 2, 2017

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It is no surprise that the majority of gamers like Windows 10. The OS brings some nice improvements to gaming on Windows, and two other major features are coming to the OS with the upcoming Creators Update. Even though Windows 10 saw a slight decline in its market share on Steam’s hardware survey, the OS experienced fairly major growth in March. According to the Steam Hardware Survey for March 2017, Windows 10’s 64-bit now claims 50.15% of the market, gaining 2.44%. Windows 10’s 32-bit, on the other hand, saw a 0.01% decline, bringing the market share down to 1.05%. As a result, Windows 10 as a whole now claims 51.2% of the market.

Microsoft’s other operating systems such as Windows 7 also a decline in market share — the OS now claims 34.74% of the market, and it experienced a 2.07% decline last month. Interestingly enough, Windows 8.1’s 64-bit saw a 0.03% growth but its 32-bit declined by 0.03% so it’s market share technically didn’t change last month.

Microsoft’s competitors aren’t doing so well as usual — Apple’s macOS Sierra experienced a growth of only 0.40% but macOS declined by 0.06% if you take into account all the other versions of the OS. Linux, on the other hand, grew by 0.02%.

In case you are wondering, Windows 10 is still (obviously) the leader on the market with 96.05% of share. The OS saw a 0.09% growth last month, and Microsoft’s competitors are far from taking Windows over anytime soon.

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