343 aware of Master Chief Collection ray-tracing requests

November 2, 2020
Master Chief Collection ray-tracing update Xbox Series X Xbox Series S

Halo developer 343 is aware of the horde of fans requesting Halo: The Master Chief Collection ray-tracing support for next-gen. 

In a recent Halo Waypoint blog post, senior producer Matt Hohl has made sure that fans of the series know that the development team has heard the requests for a Master Chief Collection ray-tracing update in the future.

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“I’m personally excited to see what we can do with the power of this new hardware in the future,” Hohl wrote. “The complexity and scope of MCC poses unique challenges that I am still learning about, but I love the opportunities it offers for how we can roll out new features and enhancements in the future.

“One thing I have already learned here is that this team listens to the community as a crucial element to our planning. I love that and am excited to see what we can do together in the future!”

While ray-tracing could possibly come to the Halo compilation in the future, 343 isn’t making any promises at the moment. However, there will be enhancements for the collection.

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Coming one week after the launch of the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, Halo: The Master Chief Collection will see a new update that increases the games’ graphical fidelity and framerate with 120fps support.

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