After the release of Halo: The Master Chief’s Halo Reach on PC and Xbox One at the tail-end of last year, fans have already been eagerly awaiting the PC arrival of Halo’s 1-through-4.

As it so happens, developer 343 Industries may very well be able to fulfil the fan hunger sooner than expected as the team behind these highly anticipated PC ports has already gotten the entire Halo collection running on PC.

Announced through a Halo Waypoint Blog Post, it was revealed that all games – Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary, Halo 2 Anniversary, Halo 3 + ODST and Halo 4 – are currently in playable states on PC.

However, all of these games are still in varying states of completion. While Combat Evolved Anniversary, the next entry slated for a PC release, appears to be quite far in development, 2012’s Halo 4 has only just begun profiling.

Never the less, with the amount of polish 343 attributed to the PC release of Halo Reach, despite its flaws, we’re confident that these upcoming ports will be of similar quality.

At the same time, 343 is still working on polishing up the minor blemishes on Halo Reach’s current release state as well as wor on bringing better Forge support to the title.