World War I shooter Verdun is getting sharper graphics on Xbox One

Before there was Battlefield 1, there was Verdun. Verdun is a popular World War I shooter which made the jump from PC to consoles recently. Unfortunately, the transition hasn’t been without its problems on Xbox One. The game suffers from cumbersome controls, fickle aiming and unreliable shooting among a host of other issues. The graphics aren’t that stellar either. Thankfully, there’s a patch in certification right now which improve the game on every front. The changes are as follows:

• Added Scottish Highlanders squad with a new weapon.

• Improved overall graphics with sharper textures, sharper output, sight blur and eye adaptation.

• Fixed pink and white characters.

• Fixed aim movement being slower in diagonal directions.

• Fixed issues with friends joining.

• Added weapon muzzle flash, explosion and general lights.

• Loadouts adjusted for more balancing.

• Added new lobby animations.

• Weapon sights improved.

• Improved death camera and match end camera to reduce clipping possibilities.

• Remembers previous map so same map won’t be played again.

• Prone characters will stick to the terrain better.

• Creating a game will no longer put you in a squad lobby but instead start a game.

• Gibs now spawn on correct positions.

• General animation improvements.

• You can no longer open menus while in combat.

• Fixed empty slot showing in squad defence scoreboard.

• Gas mask overlay is no longer visible after the end of the match.

• Fixed shortening reload animation.

• Fixed rare occurrence where reload animation got stuck.

• Improved backwards and sideways crawling animation.

• Applied crawling fixes to binoculars, flamethrower and melee weapons.

• Repositioning while deployed is no longer possible.

• Fixed attachment preview updating too late.

• Allows switching when peeking at scoreboard.

• Player no longer stands up when stabbing crouched.

• Fixed floating and missing assets.

• Specialization is no longer based on the selection marker position.

• Fixed white environment bugs.

• Fixed gas mask assets.

• Fix barbed wire sticking through roof in main menu.

• Added custom animation issues.

• Fixed loadout attachment not being showed correctly.

• Fixed players being able to switch weapons in supported stance.

• Improved visibility of loadout when not selected.

• Fixed overly white stones.

• Fixed bunker being see-through from a distance.

• Stronger maps for one player.

• Loading screen tips no longer show PC tips.

• Preview of the character role is no longer based on the previous selection.

While these changes represent a great start in order to fix the game, Verdun still has a long way to go. Hopefully the changes to aiming will fix the shooting mechanics but the issue may lie in optimization. Verdun has solid foundations but it need a lot more polish on Xbox One.

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