Microsoft testing Windows Phone 7 apps on Windows 8?


The I’m a WP7 app usefully lists the latest build numbers of the OS running their app. The app interestingly shows that 1% of their users are running the software on one of the latest builds of Windows 8, build 6.2.8283.0, a pre-release candidate of Windows 8.

The app is not the only one running on the OS – Lyn x Interactive also shows their app running on one instance of the same OS.

One intriguing possibility is that Microsoft may be planning to allow un-modified apps to run on Windows 8 tablets, which would give the tablet marketplace a 70,000 app boost right out of the gate.

With a large number of Windows Phone 7 users planning to upgrade to Windows 8 tablets it may be that the transition may be even easier than expected.

Thanks Paul Hughes for the tip.