ZBand silent vibrating alarm accessory supports Windows Phone

ZBand Silent Alarm

zband1ZBand is a pretty niche product – designed to wake users up gently by vibration on their wrist rather than the harsh sound of a normal alarm clock.  This makes it ideal for users who have to wake a lot earlier than their partners or those who do not want to wake small children or babies who sleep in close proximity.

In the very simple product the alarms are set in a rather sophisticated way – over Bluetooth from a smartphone. The good news is that the accessory explicitly supports Windows Phone, with an app a Windows Phone 8 app in the store.

The band is also relatively cheap at 39.99 Euro and is shipping now to more than 30 countries.

The main weakness of the product is likely its 10 day battery life – for something as critical as an alarm I suspect a backup may be required for when one forgets to charge the bracelet, which is done via microUSB.

The device does not support iOS yes, with the developer saying:

“At the moment we are focused on Windows Phone and Android. Apple run a closed system when it comes to hardware and we’d need to access their Bluetooth systems for compatibility and so that will take time.

Read more about the Zband at their site here.

Via Siliconrepublic.com