YouTuber creates PSVita VR games and it’s incredibly cool

August 11, 2020
PSVita VR games Pac-Man VR

Sony’s support for the PlayStation Vita was unfortunately lacking during the fantastic portable’s lifecycle, but in recent years fans have gone above and beyond in creating meaningful software for those willing to install homebrew. But I bet you never expected the homebrew community to create PSVita VR games. 

Well, in the world of video games you should expect the unexpected, especially since one YouTuber has gone out of their way to actually create PSVita VR games. They’re real and they can’t hurt you.

Created by YouTuber PolyMars, there are two PSVita VR games that have currently been created: a crude FPS test arena and a terrifying conversion of Pac-Man into virtual reality. It’s awesome!

Both games were created in Unity. The first game, the rough first-person shooter, uses the console’s gyroscope and accelerometer to turn around and the right trigger to shoot at the game’s boxy enemies. The Pac-Man VR game is more unique: the titular Pac-Man moves in the direction the player is looking for hands-free gaming.

PSVita VR games Pac-Man VR gameplay homebrew
Pac-Man VR may be basic on the Vita but it’s bloody terrifying.

PolyMars played both games in a crudely crafted VR headset made from a Metal Mario GameCube controller box and a Google Cardboard kit. Obviously, it’s not the most prestigious VR headset – that’s probably the upcoming HP Reverb G2 – but it’s practical, creative and a bunch of fun.

Watch the video of the first PSVita VR games below:

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For more PSVita homebrew, check out this tool that lets you use your Vita as a PC controller.

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