There’s a possibility that you’ve looked at your sadly discontinued PlayStation Vita – the world’s most underrated handheld – and thought: “I wish I could use that as a controller on my PC.” Thank Bejeesus you asked because we’ve literally written this article for you. 

Created by prominent PlayStation Vita homebrew developer Rinnegatamante – who has created flawless ports of the Quake Trilogy and more to the handheld – VitaPad allows you to hook your PlayStation Vita to a PC and game away with your portable beauty.

VitaPad supports both XInput, the standard control method for Microsoft’s Xbox One controllers, and DualShock controls.

Of course, to do this you’ll need to install VitaPad – currently available in its version 1.3 build – onto a modded Vita handheld. This isn’t too complex for those who are vaguely techy; there’s a handy guide to do this right here.

Once you’ve installed the application on your Vita, open VitaPad on your PC and Vita, insert your Vita’s IP address and game away. The application even supports custom button mapping for creating your own control schemes.Check it out here.