YouTube restores 4K content for non-Premium subscribers

October 18, 2022

YouTube recently came under strong criticism for making 4K content exclusive to its Premium users. After facing flak, Google is finally taking its decision back by restoring 4K content for non-Premium users on YouTube all over the world. Google has also said that it was nothing more than an “experiment.”

Google has provided no explanation on why it resorted to that experimentation. It is possible that the search giant was testing the users’ reaction after YouTube revenue fell well short of analysts’ expectations in the first quarter of 2022. If the trend of fall in revenue continues in the future, Google might introduce 4K content exclusive to YouTube Premium subscribers once again.

Netflix had to introduce a more accessible subscription plan that plays advertisements during TV shows and films to attract more users after it lost around 200,000 subscribers in the first quarter of 2022. Other platforms like Disney+ are already working on an ad-supported plan to increase revenue.

While 4K resolutions are not officially out of YouTube’s Premium offering, the video platform will continue to offer exclusive features to its paid users. The Premium benefits include videos without ads, background play in Picture-in-Picture (PiP) mode, YouTube Music Premium, and access to YouTube Originals series. You can learn more about YouTube paid subscription benefits here.

However, it is worth noting that the PiP is also available for non-paid users in the United States, though it will not work on certain content, such as music videos. You will need a Premium subscription to use the feature anywhere outside the US.

Are you a YouTube Premium subscriber? If yes, do you like all the benefits you get as a part of the offering, or do you want more? Let us know in the comments if you have a wishlist.

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