YouTube is forcing users to disable ad blockers or try Premium

October 12, 2023

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YouTube has begun forcing users to disable ad blockers or try Premium, its paid subscription service. The move has been met with backlash from many users, who argue that it is unfair to force them to watch ads or pay for a service they do not want.

Online communities, like on Reddit, have been voicing this concern for quite some time and the platform has also circumvented Ublock origin.

It seems to have started some time this month: one says, “My channel blocker set it off of all things. This is getting ridiculous.”

Another one says, “I’m thinking honestly about just dropping YouTube from my daily entertainment.”

The video-sharing platform has been aggressively using a variety of methods to detect and circumvent ad blockers. In some cases, the company is even disabling video playback for users who are detected using an ad blocker.

The only solution? Well, YouTube recommeds paying $11.99/month for Premium to get ad-free viewing, and offline and background playback. But, is it worth it? 

It’ll be a huge bet if YouTube wins this “war” against ad-blockers because there’s always a loophole to find. Even uBlock’s latest version (v. 1.52.0+) seems to be including a “fix” to workaround this issue. 

Thoughts on this?

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  1. I will never allow ads to ruin my YouTube experience, and I will also never give a PENNY to YouTube due to their aggressive tactics. As someone on Reddit recently said, they're not saying, "Upgrade to a paid subscription, here's all the cool features you'll get!" They're literally saying, "Give us money, it will get worse until you do." They ruin YouTube on Roku for me with constant pushing for a paid subscription." If I have to pay for an upgraded ad-blocker or other extension to keep using YouTube ad-free, I will. Worst case scenario I will download my favorite videos and watch them off YouTube.

  2. Remember that it's YouTube's owners Google that are pushing this. Google took a good service, then ruined videos with ads, then offered to un-ruin it for money.

    Sounds a lot like ransomware's business model.

  3. All that site is currently is nothing but greedy. I ain't payin' that price for adfree! I refuse to pay them anything, in fact! It is an illegal move that they're doing and it should be stopped immediately!

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