You’ll need to play a lot of PUBG if you want to get to level 20 without the Event Pass, but an update next week should make this easier


28, 2018

With the recent release of PUBG’s newest map Sanhok on PC, an Event Pass was released along with it. For an extra $9.99 you get access to limited-time exclusive missions and loot. This helps you rack up XP to gain levels, but those who opted against purchasing the Event Pass will have a much harder time trying to reach level 20.

According to one Redditor’s math, those without the Sanhok Event Pass would need to play roughly 6-8 hours a day for 29 days to attain level 20. Since the event has been in full swing for a couple of days now, that number draws closer to 12+ hours a day. In total, it would take hundreds of hours if the math is correct.

PUBG communications lead Ryan Rigney responded to this by stating that while there is enough XP in the free missions to reach level 20, the developer would be working on a way to make it a bit easier in an upcoming update.

“It looks like there’s already enough XP in the free missions to get to level 20, but our lead gameplay designer says he wants to make some changes next week to give players a little more wiggle room (to make it slightly easier to get to level 20). Updates will come next week. In the meantime, just do those missions!”

Via: Beebom, Venturebeat

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