Y2K10 bug hits some Windows Mobile, other handsets


It seems some Windows Mobile handsets have been hit by a strange Y2K10 bug, with SMS’s apparently arriving from the year 2016.

According the WMExperts.com the story is:

  • Messages received after 1/1/2010 may be dated as 2016
  • Effects WM6.1, WM6.5 and even non-Windows Mobile phones
  • It is ROM independent, meaning switching won’t help
  • All Some carriers seem to be experiencing this bug, but T-Mobile seems fine
  • HTC and LG are aware, but no official response yet
  • Apparently not all devices are affected, so it remains a bit of a mystery. My HD2 in UK does not appear to be affected, not those of the people I asked.

    Are your device affected by the bug?  Let us know below.

    Via WMExperts.com