How good is HyperOS, Xiaomi’s replacement for 13-year-old MIUI operating system?

October 17, 2023

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Xiaomi, the Chinese smartphone giant, announced today that it will be retiring its MIUI operating system after 13 years and replacing it with a brand new OS called HyperOS. 

The best part of it, we’ll likely see this OS supporting Xiaomi’s non-phone products like the Smart Band and Mi Band devices and tablets.

“Today marks a historic moment. After years of collective work, our new operating system, #XiaomiHyperOS, is set to make its official debut on #Xiaomi14Series,” says CEO Lei Jun on X (fka Twitter).

But, how good is it? Well, there are no details unveiled just yet, but it seems like we’re in for an exciting change. 

Alvin Tse, VP of Xiaomi Global, confirmed on X that HyperOS will be available for smartphones globally in 2024. He also said that it will be a completely new Android skin, not just a rebrand of MIUI, and will first come pre-loaded on the Xiaomi 14 series.

HyperOS seems to be different from other operating systems in a number of ways. First, it is designed to be a unifying platform for all of Xiaomi’s products. Second, it is based on the Vela system, which is Xiaomi’s own in-house IoT operating system. Third, it is focused on the future of the Internet of Things.

We’ll keep you updated once the OS rolls out for users. 

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