The Xbox One’s ability to natively capture videos and screenshots is both impressive and convenient. Sharing those captures? Now, that’s a different story.

While now you can instantly share your clips to social media, it’s still a bit of a hassle to get those clips onto your computer any other way. Most people either post their captures to social media and then download them from there, or slowly upload the file to OneDrive.

Others use XboxDVR, a website which allows you to easily download your captures from the internet. Anyone who has tried downloading them from the official Xbox website knows why this is a godsend.

XboxDVR is now no longer exclusive to the web with the introduction of an IOS and Android app. Using the app, you can quickly and easily find your captures, share them, download them and even do very basic editing.

It doesn’t feature all of the website’s nuances, such as albums, playlists, YouTube and Twitch integration, comments and achievements, but it’s still an impressive application.

XboxDVR is available for free on IOS and Android.