With the sheer speed of the PlayStation 5 SSD being one of its major advantages against Xbox Series X, many have been waiting for a true side-by-side comparison of loading times.  

Following the release of PS5 review embargo,  GameSpot has released a video that showcases direct comparisons between the two next-gen consoles and the results are unexpected.

While the PlayStation 5 has a reportedly faster SSD than Microsoft’s Xbox Series X,  the GameSpot video clearly shows Microsoft’s console taking the lead when loading backward compatible software.

Red Dead Redemption 2 loads a tiny one second slower on PlayStation 5 but Final Fantasy XV loaded a full 22 seconds slower on Sony’s machine. Here’s a list from Twitter user  Nibellion.

Red Dead Redemption 2 – XSX: 1m4s – PS5: 1m5s

FFXV – XSX: 48s – PS5: 1m10s

Destiny 2 – XSX: 42s – PS5: 57s

MH World – XSX: 35s – PS5: 51s

Arkham Knight – XSX: 58s – PS5: 1m7s

Neither of these consoles are tapping into the full power of their SSD technology when running games from backward compatibility,  but the results are still curious to see  Will PlayStation 5 take the edge in next-gen software or will this trend continue?