How Xbox Series X expandable storage works for next-gen and current-gen games

March 16, 2020
Xbox Series X expandable storage

After a leaked image of an Xbox Series X console leaked earlier this year, fans have wondered what the point of the console’s mystery rear port could be. Of course, many thought it would be an entry point for Xbox Series X expandable storage. Well, they were right.

Shown off in a Digital Foundry video that reveals the internals of the Xbox Series X, the next-gen expandable storage is a specially designed “micro-card” that uses SSD technology.

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The Xbox Series X expandable storage is described as being “surprisingly weighty” and well-built. Since each memory expansion has its own internal heatsink to keep the storage cool, the dense card is a condensed version of an NVME SSD.

Designed by Seagate, the Xbox Series X expandable storage is a fully portable memory-card-esque device that’s designed to be plugged in and out.

Xbox Series X expandable storage

Since the console still has USB-A ports, the Xbox Series X does technically support standard external hard drives to be used on the console. However, these external mechanical drives should only be used for Xbox One and backward compatible games. You can still use mechanical drives for backing up games.

For the full details on the Xbox Series X specs, check out this article here.

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