Xbox Series S leaked through official Game Pass codes

September 1, 2020
Xbox Series S reveal Xbox Lockhart

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Microsoft has slipped up once again by leaking the upcoming Xbox Series S on official products. 

While the lower-power next-gen console has been leaked through Windows 10 OS files, developer documentation and an official next-gen Xbox controller, this is the first time the console has leaked through current-gen hardware.

Twitter user BraviaryBrendan posted a picture of a new Xbox One controller that they purchased which listed the Xbox Series S console on the pack-in Xbox Game Pass Ultimate trial that every Xbox controller comes with.

“Includes Xbox Live Gold and unlimited access to over 100 high-quality games on Xbox Series X| S, Xbox One and Windows 10,” reads the Game Pass Ultimate label.

The Twitter user revealed that they purchased the controller directly through the Microsoft Store, exclaiming “bruh momento” afterwards. Bruh momento indeed.

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