Microsoft is selling mini hoody jackets for your Xbox controllers

November 30, 2022

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Let me state two things regarding Microsoft: it’s an expert in creating tech products and services, but a big joke in producing clothing products. Yet, the company is continuously releasing new garment entries and ideas. One of its latest offerings to its avid fans is a hoody jacket. It looks exquisitely cool as it boasts the Xbox logo and elements, but it won’t fit you, even your one-year-old self. Well, that’s because the cool hoody is not for you… but for your Xbox controller.

It’s quite ridiculous for anyone to buy a hoody for their Xbox controller, and yet, here is Microsoft, offering a black or white variation of the garment for the gaming peripheral. While it won’t be anything useful for a person, it can be a fun gift idea this Christmastide, especially if you have a friend or a relative who owns an Xbox Series X|S controller. And with the growing number of Game Pass subscribers (as Sony revealed), it is no wonder why the hoody is selling like hotcakes. As a matter of fact, the Redmond company announced that the first batch of the mini controller hoodies has already sold out. With this, those who will place their orders by December 15 will receive the next batch in mid-February.

The hoodie is made of 100% polyester and even sports a zipper and sleeves. Its sublimation print design makes it appear more like any regular cool clothing piece, but then again, it will only fit specific Xbox controllers. In terms of practical use, well, I really don’t think it would be of great help to you or your controller. It might give your hands something soft to caress, but you will have to remove it from your controller once your game starts. Aside from the cute looks, the only purpose the jacket would probably serve is a layer of protection for your controllers when you are storing them.

The controller hoody currently costs $24.99, which is quite expensive for such a small piece of unwearable garment. Xbox fans (and Microsoft fans in general), however, probably won’t mind it, which is not surprising as Microsoft’s charm extends beyond its tech products and services. Even with absurd clothing ideas that look like a joke, there’s always a market that patronizes them. One proof of that is its 2022 ugly sweater that has already sold out, even if it was just announced recently by Microsoft. 

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