Microsoft’s 2022 ugly sweater is here and it features Clippy

November 16, 2022

Microsoft is the master of ugly sweaters. The company again proves it through the new design for its Windows ugly sweater, featuring its iconic Clippy paper-clip character. The sweater is now available on Microsoft’s Xbox Gear Shop at $74.99.

2022 Windows Ugly Sweater featuring Clippy

The sweater is like a throwback to the earlier Windows UI design, which gives you the memorable sky blue color common in the company’s old operating systems. In the middle of the knitted garment sits Clippy on top of a pixelated paper bundle while greeting you with “Happy Holidays!” With a Windows 95 logo and touches of dull green, white, and gray colors, the sweater looks like an unwrapped item from the 90s.

As for the price, it is truly a bit expensive for such an “ugly” sweater, especially if you can just buy one from a thrift shop and sabotage it with glitters and anything nasty. Nonetheless, Microsoft explained that all proceeds would be given to the College Success Foundation in addition to its personal $100,000 donation. The fund, Microsoft says, will “assist underserved, low-income students to access and succeed in college.”

In an interview with The Verge, Megan Muehleman, senior social media manager at Microsoft, reminisced how the tradition of ugly sweaters started in the company.

“It started back in 2017, we had posted three made-up sweaters and said ‘which ugly sweater would you wear this year?’ and it was our best performing post for the entire year. “People went nuts, and they were like ‘please make these! please make these!’” Muehleman recalled. “Our fans really crave and love Windows nostalgia. It’s always popular on our channels because we are one of the only 30-plus-year tech brands, so people have grown up with us.”

While it is the fifth year of observing the tradition, it is only the third time that Microsoft is putting the creation as a product in the market. It is not new, however, for Microsoft to use the old Windows designs on its garment products. Aside from the past ugly sweaters it produced, the elements also manifested in other clothing editions of Microsoft on Gear Shop, such as the “Hardwear” collection.

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