Xbox Live is down for several for hours

May 23, 2020
Xbox Live Xbox network

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Xbox live

If you’re having trouble signing into your Xbox, you’re not alone. Xbox Live appears to be down for everyone right now. The Xbox Live Status page indicates that core services are affected and it includes creating a new account and joining Xbox Live-enabled games.

Affected Services:

  • Creating new accounts on Xbox Live, managing those accounts, or recovering an account on a different device
  • Joining other Xbox Live members in online games

Affected Platforms:

  • Xbox 360, Xbox One,, Windows 10

Microsoft is aware of these problems and working hard to resolve this as soon as possible.

We are seeing indications that we are on the path to recovery with the issue causing problems with viewing Achievements, Friends List or the activity of friends and we expect to be back up and running shortly.

So if you’re like me and was wondering why an hour ago you’d keep getting signed out of your account repeatedly, take comfort in knowing it’s not a hardware problem with your Xbox and the issue is being worked on. I hope Microsoft improves the reliability of Xbox Live services to avoid such outages in the future.

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