Xbox FanFest Trivia 2022 is on November 12 and you are invited

November 3, 2022

If you are a total Xbox fan updated with all the news and games related to Xbox’s platforms, you might not want to miss this year’s FanFest Trivia, where you can put your Xbox universe knowledge to good use. Microsoft already announced the schedule for the game, which will be on November 12, 2022, at 2 PM PT. The global live stream event is expected to last 90 minutes and will be available for viewing on

As usual, Xbox’s Kelly Lombardi and Malik Prince will host the event just like last year. If you want to join, you can sign up now at And if you have the time, you should do it as soon as possible as the entry period will only be until Tuesday next week, November 8. Joining will put you into a live test on November 12, where you will undergo 10 rounds with five multiple-choice questions each. You will only get 12 seconds to answer each one, but you don’t want to use that all up as the grading system will also be based on the speed of your response.

Xbox FanFest fans who will participate in the game will have the chance to receive a wide variety of prizes, such as an Xbox Series S, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate 12-month subscription, Microsoft Rewards points, Xbox Gear Shop gift cards, and more. Aside from these prizes, Xbox says that fanatics who register as FanFest fans will automatically experience different perks.

“Xbox FanFest gets you special access to things like our FanFest email list that will make you one the first to hear about upcoming FanFest exclusives like select Xbox events, experiences, and merch drops,” Xbox FanFest Lead Brina Hatcher wrote in a blog post. “Being a fan also means exclusive access to curated digital and in-person experiences, and sweepstakes created just for FanFest! And did we mention a one-time use 20% off discount code to the Xbox Gear Shop?”

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