Xbox 360 Blades Dashboard might be really coming back

July 31, 2023
Remember when we told you that a lot of users are very excited about the Xbox 360 Blades dashboard? Well, it seems that the same user who started the Reddit thread is now officially writing to Microsoft about it. While it might be a chance that they won’t answer, Microsoft might also listen to the user and release the Xbox Blades Dashboard. It’s a shot in the dark, we know, but there is hope, especially considering that the Reddit thread quickly became popular and a lot of users seem excited about the idea. The goal is to bring the Blades Dashboard back to the Xbox 360, but a lot of users are wondering if the Dashboard could come to the Xbox Series as well.
This would be so cool! But, I doubt Microsoft sees any reason for them to pay people to design this UI and implement it. It’s still really cool to see a mock up of what a modern blades dashboard would look like though.
We definitely hope for the best. The Dashboard is vintage and it might not look very suitable for the Xbox Series consoles. Plus, it might not support ads, which could be detrimental to the Redmond-based tech giant. But what do you think? Would you like this dashboard on your Xbox console?

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