The Xbox 360 Blades Dashboard should be released as a feature, users agree

July 28, 2023
xbox 360 blades dashboard

The Xbox 360 Blades Dashboard is probably one of the most popular Xbox dashboards ever released by Microsoft. The yellow and slick design, and the intuitive, yet futuristic edges make the Blades Dashboard one of the beloved Xbox dashboards as well.

And now, with the new UI coming to Xbox One and Xbox Series S and X, a lot of users are wondering if Microsoft will release the Xbox 360 Blades Dashboard as a feature in the future.

They should have one last firmware update that allows you to choose which style of the dashboard you want.

It seems the nostalgia for older dashboards is strong, but Microsoft could win a lot of admiration for it, and of course, in time, this would be a very wise business decision. For example, on Reddit, this thread about the dashboard has gotten a lot of traction and popularity over the past data. This means a lot of people would actually want the dashboard back, or at least the option of setting it as their Xbox dashboard.

Microsoft might listen or it might not, but it’s clear that the old dashboards are wanted by the Xbox community. And the Redmond-based tech giant has been keen on making Xbox a prime console, and the product everyone wants to play games on. So if they listen to the community’s wishes, they might just manage to make Xbox the perfect console.

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