WoW Classic is bringing out the ban hammer for cheaters

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It’s bad news for those who have been exploiting a certain bug in WoW Classic, as the development team is bringing out the ban hammer and bringing it down hard on cheaters. Hell hath no fury like a dev team scorned.

Posting on the WoW Classic forums, Community Manager Kalvax said that the team has “recently become aware of a bug that could be explored to allow instanced encounters to be completed repeatedly.”

The bug in question involved players exploiting the game’s layering system, meaning that players could skip entire dungeons and repeatedly kill the dungeon boss in order to obtain disproportionate amounts of loot.

The team has now developed a fix for the issue and are currently deploying it worldwide. As of posting, the fix should be implemented in-game.

Along with patching things up, WoW Classic are also punishing cheaters and leaving no room for mercy. Kalvax’s post makes an ominous reference to taking “appropriate punitive measures” which, as Reddit user u/DingoCrazy found out, consists of a minimum one-month ban and having all exploited items permanently removed.

Bans for layering exploits are beginning to go out
byu/DingoCrazy inclassicwow

For those who may be worried that they’ve accidentally exploited a bug and are now on a one-way road to ban-ville: don’t be. In order to abuse the bug, players would have to take extremely specific steps. The chances of a non-cheating player replicating these steps is almost non-existent.

As WoW Classic tracks all player activity, it’s easy to filter through and see which players are intentionally abusing the bug for gains. As long as you haven’t been purposely partaking in any shady activity, you’ll be fine.

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