In a statement to ourselves, Corel has confirmed that they will be bringing WinZip 2.5 Pro and CorelDRAW Graphics Suite to the Microsoft Store on Windows 11.

Unlike the modern versions in the Store, the apps will be the classic win32 versions we know and love.

The company writes:

With the Windows 11 Insider Preview becoming available shortly, our team has worked closely with Microsoft and is excited to let you know that WinZip 25 Pro will be available as a Win32 app in the new Microsoft Store when it goes live.

If you’re interested in testing a Win32 app through the Windows Insider Program, we invite you to try WinZip 25 Pro, the latest version of our trusted solution to securely manage, store and share files on Windows 11.

Along with WinZip 25 Pro, we plan to have more of our Win32 applications available in the new Microsoft Store by the time it goes mainstream, including the full CorelDRAW Graphics Suite.

Notable about WinZip 2.5 Pro is that it is traditional trialware, and that when the trial expires users will be able to purchase the app using their credit card directly from Corel, something which the iOS app store explicitly forbids. This follows a change in Microsoft’s policies which allows companies to run their own app store inside other apps, as long as they are not selling games.