Windows Phone Store passes 2 billion downloads, 1 billion in only 6 months




You know the numbers are starting to look up when the otherwise rather secretive Microsoft start talking about them.

In his latest blog post Todd Brix, General Manager of Windows Phone Apps and Store, revealed that the Windows Phone Store just had its 2 billionth download, and that the last billionth happened in less than 6 months, 5 times faster than the first billion.

Todd attributes the growth to new devices growing the audience, and interestingly if we divide 2 billion by the around 40 million devices out there we get around 50 apps per device, the same as in July 2012, but this is somewhat understandable given that such a large number of Windows Phone users have only joined the platform recently.

Hopefully the exponential growth will continue and allow developers to make a good return on their investment in the platform, which is really the best way to encourage more app developers to join the ecosystem.


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