Windows Maps getting an “exciting update” with improved Driving Mode, more


Today HERE delivered some rather bad news that they will be withdrawing their app from the Windows Store on the 29th June 2016, leaving Windows 10 Mobile users without a free turn by turn GPS solution except for Windows Maps, which is still somewhat immature.

Anticipating this, it seems Microsoft is working to make their Windows Maps solution more palatable.


Speaking on Reddit, a verified Microsoft employee Dave_MSFT said an “exciting update” was coming soon to the Windows Maps app in  Insider Builds of Windows 10 which would be addressing the top feedback from Windows 10 users delivered via the Windows Feedback app, which would also include an “improved drive mode.”

Top feedback for the app includes Maps do not show roads and Maps app has very poor search results compared to Google Maps, so I expect basic improvements rather than new whiz-bang features when the update does actually arrive.

Dave has reported that they are working on items such as auditory alerts that you are nearing your destination and exploring options around the arrow on the location marker (compass).

Are our HERE using readers reassured? Let us know below.