Windows 10 Xbox app to be renamed Xbox Console Companion

Small update: Everyone’s favourite Larry, MajorNelson on Twitter, has also confirmed the change.

Larry also says that a ‘new desktop experience’ is coming soon, but will require the Windows 10 May 2019 update. We’ll update when it arrives!

Original article continues below:

The official Xbox app for Windows 10 PC, Android devices, and most likely iOS devices, is apparently set to undergo a name change.

We received a tip from Zain saying that he’d received an update on the Microsoft Store. The app had changed its name from ‘Xbox App’ to ‘Xbox Console Companion’, as you can see in the screenshot he provided below.

Photo credit: Zain.

Zain said that this change is most likely to emphasise their focus on making the Xbox app more of a ‘companion that complements your console’ rather than an in-built Xbox app. He also said that a ‘new Xbox experience is coming soon’, most likely during E3.

Windows Central also confirms the change, saying that the app currently has a featured message that pretty much sums up what the new aim of the app is:

Pardon our dust. This app is being renamed to Xbox Console Companion to be a dedicated app for your Xbox console’s features and settings. A new desktop experience is coming soon!

The message implies that the app is going to lose a lot of features and probably be used mostly for fiddling with your console’s settings instead. The Windows 10 Xbox Game Bar will most likely take over the social aspects of the app.

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