Will Tiles become Cubes in new Microsoft Patent?


PatentBolt reports on a new patent by Microsoft suggesting a new 3D cube-based user interface rather than the existing tiled one.

The cubes would respond in a  physical way to swipes, strokes and taps and would mean more information would be presented to a user on the same page and a bit like a Panorama would maintain the continuity of several pages of info.

The cubes could also in fact be pyramids and other polyhedrons, and may have graphic faces and edges, or alternatively, transparent or semi-transparent faces and/or edges (or no edges).

Cubes may also be tied into a search feature, with cubes rotating to surface information generated from a search. Cubes with matching applications may also be shuffled to the top of the user interface or duplicated onto a results cube. Cubes may also contain further cubes, much like sub-folders. 

Read more at patentbolt.com here

There has been rumours of Windows 9/Windows Phone 9 having a radically different, more Android-like UI.  Do our readers think floating cubes could do any better in the market than tiles? Let us know below.

Via Ubergizmo.com