Weaving ever tighter–My Phone being integrated with Windows Phone 7

My Phone moving to Windows Live

Previously a persistent complaint regarding Microsoft services have been their siloed approach to their various businesses, with very little integration between Microsoft’s many services.

With Windows Phone 7 this is clearly set to change, and of the signs is this recent leak of Microsoft’s Wave 4 upgrade to their Windows Live service, which will bring Microsoft’s My Phone service to Windows Live, meaning users will be able to locate their phone, make it ring, lock it and wipe it.

Other reports have concentrated on the fact that these features cost $99 on the iPhone, but what I find most interesting is this picture below:


The header shows Microsoft to be one of the most cloud-based companies, with web services, from games to streaming music to web PIM to photo sharing all weaved together and available now or very soon.  This is of course something Microsoft does not at present get much credit for, but will hopefully generate more awareness of when Windows Phone 7 is released.

Via Liveside and WMExperts