Watch Microsoft Movies & TV and score complimentary Xbox Reward points

Even avid video gamers need a break from time to time (just kidding), however Microsoft wants to keep you planted in front of that TV, with Microsoft Movies & TV handing out free Xbox Reward points with rentals and purchases until the end of the year. All in all, users have 43 days left to earn a maximum of 10,000 credits and 20 MyVIP gems. Microsoft distributes the earnings into 4 categories: Must Watch, Triple Feature, Movie Marathon , and Movie Showmance. You can check out the details of each below.

Overall, you’re looking at spending at least $92 on films to get all of the extra points, but it’s not too bad if you actually had intentions of enjoying a film or 10. Each section has a progress bar that measures how close you are to.fulfilling.the particular requirements, it should be noted though that the progress bar has to be full at the end of each calendar month (that’s both November and December) in order to get the rewards offered.

So put down that controller, take a shower, grab a bite to eat, acknowledge your moms presence, and go absolutely nowhere as you hit up the Movies & TV app to take your mind off of failing level 510 on Candy Crush for the past few months (ok that one may have been personal).

Source: Xbox Rewards

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