Walmart is working with Microsoft to migrate thousands of internal business apps to Azure

Back in July, Microsoft and Walmart announced a partnership to accelerate Walmart’s digital transformation in retail. As part of this partnership, Azure became the preferred and strategic cloud provider for Walmart. Also, Walmart deployed Microsoft 365 for its thousands of associates around the world to improve productivity.

Yesterday, Microsoft and Walmart announced the extension of this partnership. Engineers from both Walmart and Microsoft will work together side by side and this Walmart-Microsoft team internally called as “” will initially focus on migrating Walmart’s thousands of internal business applications to Azure. This team will also build new, cloud-native apps for Walmart to create more efficient business processes and decrease operational costs.

TRANSFORM: How did the concept of come to be? What are the team’s goals?

JOHNSON: With this partnership with Microsoft, we started talking, ‘‘Hey, what’s the best way to accelerate all the stuff we’re doing here? We need help and expertise. We want to move fast. How do we partner our smart people with Microsoft’s smart people?”

Then it was obvious: ”Why don’t we just co-locate the teams together.” We haven’t done something like this before with co-location, but I think the outcomes are going to be huge and strengthen our partnership even more. You’re going to see a lot more co-innovation around IoT, computer vision, big data and real-time analytics.

Learn more about this partnership from the link below.

Source: Microsoft