VR space game ‘ADR1FT’ cancelled for Xbox One

ADR1FT Screenshot 02

According to Adam Orth, creator of virtual reality space game ‘ADR1FT’, the title will not be making its way to Xbox One. Replying to a fan on Twitter who said they just pre-ordered the game for the console, Orth stated “That’s not real. You should get a refund immediately. Game not releasing on Xbox One,”. Publisher 505 Games has yet to comment on the situation.

‘Adr1ft’ launched earlier this year for both PC and PlayStation 4, and an Xbox version was promised for later this year. Orth stated that the game is inspired by the aftermath of him leaving Microsoft, stating:

“I was becoming the next victim of the Internet hate phenomenon,” he said in a talk about the issue at GDC. “It was an absolute feeding frenzy. My public and private life was fair game. People began to distance themselves from me. I was dejected, ashamed, and embarrassed. I destroyed my career and feared being blacklisted by the industry. I went from income to no income.”

We’ll update our readers as more information becomes available.