VP9 video format coming soon to Microsoft Edge

Microsoft has been working hard to bring Microsoft Edge at par with other browsers. The company has added many useful features recently and is working to bring support for VP9 video format. The upcoming VP9 extension will allow users to use VP9 video format.

VP9, previously known as Next Gen Open Video (NGOV) or VP-Next is a free and open royalty-free video compression standard from Google. Conceived as the successor to VP8, it is in competition with the codec HEVC (or even H.265) of the MPEG consortium (partially with royalty).
One goal was to reduce the bit rate by 50% compared to VP8 for the same video quality for the 4K format. The VP9 codec is an improvement of the VP8 codec, which maintains the quality but uses a more efficient compression method (the bandwidth required is about the same for the 720p format, but up to 50% lower for the 1080p +) format to reduce the size of the video, as well as other tricks to become the rival of the HEVC. The VP9 standard supports the following color spaces: Rec. 601, Rec. 709, SMPTE-170 (NTSC), SMPTE-240 (Adobe RGB), sRGB and Rec. 2020.

The extension is available for Microsoft Edge and you can download it from the Microsoft Store below.


Via: Windowsblogitalia

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