Visual Studio 2017’s Release Candidate snags a minor update

Visual Studio 2017’s Release Candidate (RC) has picked up a minor update recently. Microsoft released a new update to the RC last Friday, which brings a couple of fixes and brings the Advanced Save option back due to popular demand. Here is the full changelog:

  • Updated .NET Core and ASP.NET Core – No longer a preview workload. Fixed several bugs and improved usability of .NET Core and ASP.NET Core tooling. Project migration from project.json/xproj to csproj is much more reliable.
  • Redgate ReadyRoll and SQL Search – To extend DevOps capabilities to SQL database development, Visual Studio 2017 now includes Redgate SQL Search and Redgate ReadyRoll.
  • Updated NuGet support for PackageReference – In addition to .NETCore, packages can now be managed using package references in WPF, WindowsForms, and UWP projects.
  • Updated Team Explorer connect experience – It is now easier to find the projects and repos to which you want to connect. You can also add multiple projects from different servers to the Team Explorer Connect page at once.
  • Advanced Save Options – We’ve brought back the Advanced Save Options command based on customer feedback. You now have the ability to add it to the File Menu again.
  • Performance improvement in STL (move constructor). Several fixes and optimizations in ATL and AMP. New header for Control Flow Guard in VC Runtime.
  • Mobile development with the .NET workload continues to be at Preview level for this release.
  • Removed the Data Science and Python Development workloads as some of the components weren’t meeting the release requirements, such as translation to non-English languages. They will be available soon as separate downloads. F# is still available in the .NET Desktop and .NET Web development workloads. Upgrading to current version will remove any previously installed Python and Data Science workloads/components.
  • Removed ADAL v2 to v3 Redirect – VS2017 RC had a binding redirect from ADAL v2 to ADAL v3. This redirect has been removed in the latest refresh.

It is worth noting that Microsoft is removing the Python Development and Data Science workloads with the latest RC. The company stated in a blog post that these workloads weren’t yet meeting the release requirements which is why they’re removing these for now to be ready for the official release. However, once Visual Studio 2017 has shipped, Microsoft will provide the workloads for Python Development and Data Science as separate downloads.

If you are a developer and use Visual Studio, you can try out Visual Studio 2017 RC’s latest build, 26127.00, here.