US Search Review - Is It Worth Your Time?

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US search review

Looking for a thorough US Search review? Launched in 1993, US Search is one of the longest-serving social search services online today.

It’s no secret that you can access public records and other relevant information on the internet using social search engines. And with US Search, you can get valuable information about anyone just by inputting a name, phone number, and address.

The service gathers data like residential addresses, phone numbers, and records of criminal activities, and compiles it into a single digital report.

But how good is the service? That’s what you’ll discover in this in-depth US Search review. With that said, let’s dive in!

Legal Disclaimer – US Search isn’t a Consumer Reporting Agency (CRA) as defined by the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). The site can’t be used for employment, credit, tenant screening, or related purposes.


1. Reverse Phone Lookup

US Search reverse phone lookup

With US Search, you can know who is on the other side of any strange calls or texts by simply searching the phone number.

Reverse phone lookups help to unravel a person’s identity as they show their address, name, and the network they’re using. Thankfully, this feature works with VoIP numbers, cell phones, landlines, and even unlisted phone numbers.

2. People Search

US Search people search

Owing to its huge database of people’s names, phone numbers, email addresses, relations, home addresses, and lots more, you can find whoever you’re looking for. You can find friends, acquaintances, or long-lost family with US Search’s people search tool.

3. Background Checks

US Search background check

If you just met someone and you’re unsure about their history, use US Search.

The background check feature helps you perform a basic check to see all the available information about the person.

4. Property Records Lookup

US Search property records

If the only information you have about a person is their last known home address, this feature allows you access to its huge property database.

Just by inputting the last known address in the search bar, you can get adequate information about the names of the residents in such addresses (both past and present), as well as other residents in different addresses.

Also, if there are properties owned by such persons, or attached to their names, this feature reveals everything.

5. Social Network Search

US Search Social Network Search

US Search’s social network search feature helps you gather valuable data about your target’s social media activities.

6. Marriage Records

US Search’s access to information is limited as it only has access to marriage and divorce records from 11 states. Hence, if you need a marriage records check from all the US states, you may need to explore other options.

7. Criminal Records Search

US Search criminal records search

US Search has access to billions of public records including criminal records in 43 US states.

Its one-state criminal check feature allows you to check and access criminal records available in selected states for a person.

This means that if the person you’re searching has a criminal record in Georgia, Atlanta and you’re searching records in Washington DC, it won’t appear in the 1-State criminal check.

8. Multiple Search Types

US Search’s multiple search types are an uncommon feature. Typically, you’ll see other background check services limiting their searches to about 4 to 5 but US Search went all the way to 7!

It comes in handy whenever you want to run a check and get results as it allows you to decide whether you want a detailed list or just a little information.

9. Customized Search

With this, you can customize your search and continually narrow down your search results until you find the person you’re looking for. You can narrow the results down with their last known residential address, age, nickname, or names of their close relatives.

10. Privacy and Security

Your searches and information on US Search are duly protected by 256-bit encryption. This means that none of your information is routed through an insecure tunnel which may put you at risk of unauthorized access.

Ease of Use

While testing the website for this US Search review, I found the overall interface to be clear, simple, and easy to use.

Right from the start, it asked for the specific information I was looking for.

US Search pre-search questionnaire

This feature saves a lot of time and helps to get accurate results faster.

Once I specified my required information, I was able to start a search for my person of interest using their phone number. However, in case you don’t know the person’s number, you can also search by name or address.

US Search results preview page

Since the platform isn’t free, I had to pay a $1.99 one-time fee for the 5-day trial before I could view the final results.

US Search paywall

In the end, I couldn’t pay due to the platform’s geo-blocking mechanism. However, the entire search process leading up to the paywall was fast, smooth, and intuitive.

One thing I found to be a downer was that, unlike other background search services, US Search doesn’t have a mobile app.


US Search offers a few subscription plans:

  • 5-day trial ($1.99) – Trial offer for first-time users.
  • Regular plan ($19.86/month) – With this plan, you get unlimited searches and reports monthly with the auto-renewal feature turned on.
  • Professional plan ($59/month or $5999/year) – This professional upgrade grants you access to more features including PDF report downloads, unlimited monthly searches, and asset searches. In addition, you’ll be able to use the platform’s information for official purposes including employment and litigations.
US Search pricing

To cancel the auto-renewal feature, you’ll need to contact the support team via phone call.

Additionally, it’s one of the few background check services that offers the luxury of getting your money back.

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US Search’s service is reasonably priced for the number of features it offers and the unlimited search reports you get per month. However, compared to other services, the lack of a mobile app can be a turn-off for many people.

Nonetheless, its professional plan makes its reports and data valid for official use, making it a really handy public records search engine. That concludes this US Search review, be sure to drop any questions or comments you have below.

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