Unannounced Fitbit Versa 2 goes up on sale in Bulgaria

by Anmol
August 15, 2019

We have been seeing a lot of renders surrounding the Fitbit Versa 2 but Bulgaria just went a step ahead. An online listing was recently discovered on a Trading website that claims to be selling the unannounced Fitbit Versa 2.

The website called OLX (Via Pocket Now) has listed the fitness tracker for 380 Bulgarian Lev or about $215. The box confirms some of the features of the tracker including the Alexa support but is also the bearer of bad news. According to the box, the Fitbit Versa 2 lacks the support for GPS. Apart from that, the unit comes in a Carbon Aluminum case with the Black Classic band and offers all the necessary fitness features like step count and heart rate.

The website lists the official international launch on 15th September and the increase in leaks do support that claim. We do expect the price to be around $200 seeing the features it’s offering.

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