Twitter has been under fire this year for — I guess almost everything. The firm has been criticised for its inconsistent approach to moderation of political tweets, its lax approach to security, and its amplification of some content that would otherwise be rule-breaking.

To its credit, the firm has been working on being a more civil environment for its users. It’s let users block comments in some countries (though some question the usefulness of that), as well as become more proactive in taking down problematic content all on its own.

As per Twitter:

We continued to make progress on health. In Q3 we gave people more control over their
conversations on Twitter with the launch of author-moderated replies in the US, Canada,
and Japan, and we improved our ability to proactively identify and remove abusive content,
with more than 50% of the Tweets removed for abusive content in Q3 taken down without a
bystander or first-person report.

Like I said, for Twitter, the firm’s transparency makes it a target for criticism. That’s probably not a good thing for the firm’s media image as you’d get far more negative stories out of it — I would know. It is hard to argue that it doesn’t help promote a culture of transparency, and that really is what we want from social media firms.

Source: Twitter, Via: Engadget