Twitter PWA gets a new update with Birdwatch, Carousels and more


29, 2021

Twitter has released a new update for its PWA app. The update brings the new features and improvements that were introduced by Twitter recently. You can head below to take a look at the changelog for the Twitter PWA update.


  • Birdwatch: We’ve added Birdwatch, a pilot program in the US of a community-driven approach to addressing misleading information on Twitter. Learn more here.
  • Carousels: We’ve rolled out Image/Video Carousel ad formats for Promoted Tweets on
  • DMs: We’ve added social context information to message requests in your inbox. This should give you a better idea of who has sent the DM, and whether they’re someone you might know.
  • Hover Labels: We’ve been working to improve and expand our hover labels! To start, we’ve added hover labels to the side navigation when it’s collapsed to help give you more context. We’ve also added them to the composer, media viewer sidebar, and the home timeline switch.
  • Pre-Roll Ad Redesign: We’ve made a number of updates to Pre-roll video ads on to improve ad attribution and the overall user experience.
  • Retweets: The Retweets button will once again display the Retweet and Quote Tweet menu instead of directly opening the Quote Tweet composer.
  • Topics: Topic pills in the Suggested Topics module now have an “X” button which allows you to indicate when you’re not interested in a Topic.
  • Verified Accounts: We’ve added an educational sheet for the verified badge, and a new flow for verified accounts to remediate issues and violations.


  • DMs: The tombstone for sensitive media in DMs will now show more informative text in the button to display media, letting you know whether it’s a photo, video, or GIF.
  • Emoji Picker: The recently used section in the emoji picker will now update when closing the picker, instead of in realtime. This will make it easier to select emojis from the recently used section without them reordering while you’re making selections.
  • Misinformation Prompt: When you’ve selected Like or Retweet on an embedded Tweet that has been flagged as misinformation, you’re brought to the Web client and shown a confirmation prompt. This prompt now has a link for more information about the Tweet.
  • Topics: Increased the size of the Topic pills in the Suggested Topics carousel on mobile devices.
  • Topics: For recommended Topic Tweets, we’ve increased the size of the context header on the Tweet detail screen.


  • Accessibility: Improved focusing of entries which are lists for screen reader users.
  • Accessibility: Corrected some issues with navigating timelines using the “j” and “k” keys. More updates are in progress.
  • Accessibility: Improved labeling of the account switcher.
  • Carousels: Fixed issues with keyboard navigation when viewing carousel content fullscreen.
  • Composer: The composer will no longer show a flash of a loading spinner when loading the home timeline.
  • Conversation Controls: Education for conversation controls will no longer display “you can reply” prompts when viewed while logged out.
  • DMs: Fixed an issue where list items were missing borders in the Message requests inbox.
  • DMs: You should no longer see the sensitive media interstitial for messages you’ve sent.
  • DMs: The filter graphic media setting will now correctly show as enabled by default.
  • Education Prompts: We’ve made changes to prevent users from seeing educational prompts after they’ve already been shown.
  • Explore: Improved link readability on Explore header content.
  • Lists: Private Lists will now display a proper error message instead of a blank screen in cases where the List was not found.
  • Lists: Fixed an issue where navigating into Lists from a notification was showing an error.
  • Lists: Reordering your pinned lists will now properly save the updated ordering. Also resolved issues with deleting pinned lists.
  • Photo Editor: Improved spacing and presentation in the GIF editor.
  • Profile: Fixed visibility of the error message on the edit profile screen letting you know name is a required field.
  • Text: Fixed an issue where you were unable to highlight certain blocks of text.
  • Toasts: Muting an account through the reporting flow will now show the correct screen name in the toast that’s displayed.
  • Tweets: Fixed an issue where selecting Like on a Tweet with limited engagements would show a prompt on top of the information modal.
  • Tweets: Non-compliant Tweets without a tombstone will now correctly disable Tweet actions.
  • Tweets: While editing photos in a Tweet, zooming on iOS should no longer cause broken images.
  • Tweets: The “x” key will now correctly trigger the block action when focusing a specific Tweet.

Since Twitter has a PWA, you will not need to update the app manually. The update will apply automatically and while Twitter has released it, the update might take a while to get to everyone. Twitter has been pretty transparent in disclosing the changelog for the updates and the company has been rolling out updates at regular intervals. The Twitter PWA is available on smartphones (, Twitter for Windows, Twitter for KaiOS, and Twitter Lite on Android.

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