Twitter PWA ditches Bing Translator in favor of Google Translator


22, 2019

Author Rahul // in Bing, Google

Despite Bing being a subject of mockery, many companies adopted it as their search solution. A-listers such as Apple, Facebook, Twitter, and many others chose Microsoft over Google when it comes to search.

Apple, however, ditched Microsoft’s Bing last year and embraced Google to perform searches. Twitter has taken a similar(sort of) route. Twitter PWA no longer uses Bing to translate tweet, it now uses Google Translator. You will notice the change regardless of what platform you are using Twitter on. The only exception is as it still shows the Microsoft logo after you click on ‘Translate Tweet.’

If you use Twitter PWA as your daily driver then you’ll get to see the change only after you update the app. Note, this is a server-side update and therefore doesn’t require you to head over to the Microsoft Store. Just open the Twitter PWA app, close it, and then re-open it. Enjoy the Google Translator in Twitter PWA!

Via: HTNovo

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